Prairie Rain Publishing

About Us

Prairie Rain Publishing came about due to a perceived need in the publishing industry. As a teacher and tutor club facilitator working on the Blood Reserve, I was unable to find Blackfoot resources with the imagery and language that reflected the students in my care.  

To that end, I wrote a series of stories with two main characters whose lives mirrored that of many of the children growing up on the reserve.  I teamed up with a fantastic artist and former art teacher, Annette Nieukerk, to envision and paint the pictures in the book. Makai'stoo - Leo Fox joined our team early in the formation of the book and eagerly shared his ample knowledge of Blackfoot language and culture throughout the project.   

We are proud to offer the Sierra and Blue books; Three contemporary stories written about the Blackfoot children of the Blood Reserve;  We introduce you to Sierra and Blue.